Autumn Trees

November 19, 2017

Autumn Trees


Here are my two latest pastel paintings. The one on the left is from Jekyll Island, GA. A painting of the trees with Spanish moss hanging from them. The painting on the right is from the island across from the Boca Grande causeway in FL.

Sunlit Peters Lake

February 19, 2017

This is the second of this path done at Peters Lake in pastel. I just love the way the sunlight was hitting this spot. I keep trying to capture it better .img_0070

Arizona Cactus

February 15, 2017

IMG_0058.JPGSaw this cactus on a trail walk “the loop” in Sedona, Arizona this past year. Just loved the colors, shadows, and scenery. I wanted to paint this and decided to do a pastel with a watercolor under painting. I am pleased with how it turned out!

Completed Weekend Workshop

February 13, 2017

Just finished a very fun, but intense two day workshop with artist, Karen Margulis in Florida. She is a great teacher and super artist! We learned so much and now I have to put onto paper what I learned. Here are 3 of my pastels:




Southeast Marsh



This is a pastel painting I did after recently visiting the Myakka River State Park in FL. It was from a photo I took from an area looking out over the water. I actually did two pastel paintings of this scene, one a little more detailed and one a little less detailed. I cannot decide which I prefer.Myakka River State Park


Lemon Bay at Dusk

November 30, 2016

Lemon Bay at DuskThis was a pastel painting I created of Lemon Bay at dusk from a photo I took from my home. I loved the colors of the sky and reflection on the water in the bay.