Welcome to Artwork by Kathleen Hartman.

Contact information:  kathar1954@hotmail.com


7 Responses to “Home”

  1. I enjoy the watercolor, hope to see more!

  2. Wow, thanks to all of you who are responding so positively to my artwork. I appreciate the fact that you are just taking the time to look!

    I will post more as I am able.

  3. Erika Says:

    I love your INNER STRENGTH. Years ago in a novel I found these lines:
    Travel, not with banner furled,
    Ambition shadowed by a shield.

    But snatch the day, Demand the world,
    Claim all the foreign field.

    Leave the timid to cower together at noon,
    then shiver alone at night.

    …Glory was never meant for such as they.

    Only to those with the courage to fight
    can the World be a part of the Way…

    I have been looking for a Warrior woman – but I was wrong – it is the strength that sees you through, not aggression.

    Thank you

    Erika Pienaar
    Hazyview – Mpumalanga – South Africa

  4. Thank you to all my likes!! I appreciate your feedback!

  5. Thank you to all my viewers for taking the time, for liking, and for your positive feedback!!

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