“As an artist I try to make a connection with my viewer by capturing a memory, a feeling, or moment in time. I try to focus on a look and even try to envision what thoughts or feelings are going through my subject’s mind or a mood with the scene before me.   A piece of me goes into all of my art through my emotions and my strokes”.

I have been touched by art in some way all of my life. I remember receiving paint-by-number oil paint sets as a child, and I remember being attracted to the fashion ads and graphics in the Sunday newspapers. I even remember entering drawing contests in magazines.  This fascination continued and I excelled in my art classes in high school and then continued on to study fashion and interior design in college.  But I was drawn back to the pureness of putting pigment down on paper or canvas, the smell of the oils, the freedom of being able to use my own imagination to create my own piece.

So I began my journey into the world of art by taking as many classes and participating in as many workshops as I could.  My focus is on figures, faces, nature and landscapes.  I am naturally drawn to people and am inspired and captured by a look. My attendance in life drawing sessions has helped to free my strokes.  I work in watercolors, pastels, graphite, and oils.


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