Looking at art…

April 14, 2016

When you view art, do you really see it? Or are you just looking at the colors, whether or not it will go with your color scheme, or just glancing at it as you hurry by?

I have come to realize that it is the subtleties that make my art work for me, even though many viewers may miss them. My inspiration when painting people or animals is usually about what is going on deep inside, in their eyes, or what they are thinking.

I recently painted two portraits which I am now exhibiting in a show. Both, I think are strong pieces, but I wonder if viewers even take the time to really look.  (See below)

One is titled “Imagine” and is a painting of a child who when you see his eyes tells you that he is in deep thought, either imagining what can be or is just really wondering about what it is he is looking at. If you don’t notice his eyes, you would miss the whole point of the painting.

The second painting is titled “Middle Age” and is of a woman starting to show some age in her skin and in her hair. She is  maybe looking at herself in the mirror and wondering what happened to her youthfulness. She has just a few of those crazy gray hairs, that maybe wouldn’t even be noticed by the viewer, unless you really looked.

Both paintings have very subtle suggestions that are most likely missed by the average viewer. This is what I enjoy about painting. This is the statement I want my paintings to make. Look hard and see what the artist is trying to make you see or feel the next time you view an artist’s work.

As I probably said somewhere before, I want my art to make a connection with the viewer, to evoke some feeling or emotion from the viewer.  Artists put so much of themselves into each and every painting they do. Whether its people, flowers, landscapes, or still lifes, trust me it’s there.

So the next time you view art, take your time and really look. Hopefully you will see some of the subtleties.

  Middle Age – Pastel Imagine – Pastel


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