Buying Art

April 7, 2016

I have been thinking about why people should purchase art and why they should not.

Some food for thought…

You should buy art because you love it, because something about it speaks to you, or because it has an emotional impact. Yes, maybe you love the colors too, but do not buy it solely for the color. If you purchase a piece of art you truly love, you will find a place for it.

Leave it up to the interior designers to match and work things out by color. I can tell you, most true artists do not put their heart and soul into a painting to sell it to someone because of the color.

True artists are painting a subject because it moves them, or it is a challenge they want to work out, or because it is a sign of the times they want to record. So much work and thought and emotion goes into each and every piece.

Every time I paint something a piece of me goes with it!  I choose things that I love, like people, animals, or flowers and nature ( earthy things that inspire me). I must be excited about starting a piece of art.

Sometimes I get so emotionally attached to a piece and I hate to part with it. However, I get most pleasure from sharing my art with others. When someone loves a piece of my art and it makes them happy, then I am overjoyed! And I am happy knowing it is going to a loving home.

And those are my thoughts on why should buy art!


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