Some Thoughts On Watercolors

March 31, 2016

So my painting started once again! Watercolor…not sure what to expect. Heard how difficult it was from some, yet others absolutely loved it. Short drying times, easy clean-ups, wonderful happy accidents, and blooms! I really had never experienced much in the way of watercolors!

I had a wonderful beginning watercolor instructor and I learned so much about the medium. But it was hard for me at first to go from the pencil and pastels (drawing) to handling the brushes and controlling, or trying to control, the paint. There is a fine line sometimes mixing the correct ratio of water and pigment. Anyway it took some time for me to get it (although I am not sure I have yet)!

During some wonderful years of continuing with my instructor, I also took workshop after workshop with a number of different watercolor artists to learn as much as I could and to find someone whose style I liked. I also learned that all great artists are not great teachers!

Now I am very picky about the workshops I attend, because they are not cheap and I want to be sure the instructor is also a great teacher! This I learned mainly by word of mouth from other artists who previously attended these workshops. I also did not want to pay good money to watch another artist paint all day to go home with a great painting. I paid to learn, to paint, and to get feedback, and to experience the joys of watercolors!

Today there are so many ways to paint with watercolors. New things happening all the time. I try to continue taking workshops to experience some of the new methods. I know they are not all for me, but it is always fun to experiment with new things. And I always do learn something new from each experience!

And I do love it too! I now paint with watercolors regularly. And sometimes I use my watercolors as studies for other paintings in oils or pastels!

Vase of Flowers


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